How to strong the Wi-Fi router’s signal

The complexity of everything in every field expended, internet services introduced in every field, work through using internet expended. Most of internet used in houses, with the Wi-Fi router. Sometimes having the best speed package, you did not achieve the best Wi-Fi speed in your devices connected with the router.

You got poor signals, because most of the singles just waste from your Wi-Fi router, and you did not get strong signals. Now scientists tells the best, quick and simple solution of control the Wi-Fi waste signals, all method discussed below, through which you can make your signals strong.

Tools to make an antenna for better signals for router: 

  1. Simple card board
  2. Aluminium foils (you can use empty Pepsi cans)
  3. A cutter

How to make the antenna:

Cut the cardboard like this that, it covers the entire Wi-Fi router, but where you are using your mobile and any other thing linked with router, free up some space of cardboard at router at your side.

Through this way, router signals will not waste in any other direction, only from where you left the cardboard, signals will just boost from that side.

It will give you the best stream of Wi-Fi signals, because if will flow in just one direction where you are using the device connected with router.

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