Access other’s mobile with your mobile

As per technology developed, it’s become easy a fluent to connect remotely with other peoples. There are many apps which helps you to connect with other devices, but sometimes people needs to connect with some others mobile phone for some main reason, so its need a software bridge to connect. Now twin apps of same category developed up, which helps you to connect with another phone in very handy way. Through these twin apps other’s mobile screen will display at your cell phone and you can make changes into another’s cell phone, which another person want assistance from you.

“1st team viewer, 2nd team viewer quick support”

Key Features:

  • It’s make a link or bridge between two mobile phones
  • It allows you to handle another person’s mobile phone anywhere from world (with permissions)
  • If anybody needs any type of help in mobile phone you can connect and assistance remotely
  • You can also get helps from your friends in some technical help
  • It’s does not required same data network mode
  • It’s very handy and use full app to take and give technical assistance

Downloading help:

These are twin apps in same category to make links between two mobiles, these both apps are available on play store you can download these apps easily by names.

  1. Host person needs just team viewer app
  2. Guest needs team viewer quick support app not a team viewer (actually its generate a code to make link)

In other words if you are giving help, than you need team viewer, and if you need help you need team viewer quick support app.


Connecting b/w two mobiles:

  • If you are hoist than open team viewer and ask to download and open quick support app in guest mobile phone (to whom you are connecting)
  • Team viewer quick support app generates a code at guest’s mobile
  • Ask that code from the guest, enter code into your team viewer app in mobile and tap remote connect
  • Now your guest’s mobile screen will open in your mobile phone and you can assist as the guest want.

Important note:

  • Make sure that both cell phones have an internal connection
  • Make sure that software’s should be active in both mobiles during making connection
  • If you need help, you need team viewer quick support app, and at same pattern, you can get help from other person.

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